The rules of the directory are quite simple to follow and are listed below. The directory will be checked and updated every two months.
  • Your fanlisting must be kept live, even if it is not active, as we are aware that the people may not join all the time.

  • Only sites that link back to Indie Fanlistings will be listed on the site. Please ensure that there is a working link to the site at all times, even if your listing is going thorugh a redesign.

  • Your site details on Indie Fanlistings must be kept upto date, even if you are linking to Indie Fanlistings. We cannot tell if your site is still in existance if these details are not not kept upto date.

  • Please ensure that there are significant issues with your site's layout or access (i.e. links not working properly, pages missing, urls being re-directed, security issues, etc.) Any site which has these issues will be removed.

  • Links will be removed if the subject of the site is changed, or if the site no longer contains a fanlisting.

  • Multiple listings for the same subject can be listed on the site. It's not exclusive.

  • Your fanlisting may be listed at other directories and sites even though Indie Fanlistings was created for independant fanlistings.

  • If your fanlisting is removed from the directory, you may submit it again if all the issues with it are fixed.