This page is to provide links to resources that may help people when creating their fanlistings, and any other type of fan site, of course!



Coding Resources

CSS Colour Scheme Designer - A quick and easy way to generate colour schemes for your site that don't clash.

CSS Layout Generator - A good resource that allows designers to quickly create a 'skeleton' layout for their site. It's limited in how it can be configured, though.

Table Generator - Allows a designer to quickly generate html tables, but you need to tweak it a little for colours, fonts, width and height, etc.

Bella Buffs - Flat-File, database-less fanlisting script.

Lissa Explains it All - Bit old hat, and simple, but good for the basics to get started.

Hosting Resources

Neocities - Free web-hosting without adverts and allows you to design your own sites. The only drawback is that it doesn't support php, but it is a good place for beginners to learn coding.